FHT meeting

Pancake – Crêpes

FHT South Manchester Meeting 26 Feb 2020

As most of you will be rushing back from work to the meeting, I am planning to make French sourdough pancakes

Here is the Menu


Crêpes au Saumon Fumé (smoked salmon)
Crêpes aux oeufs (eggs)


Crêpes au Gü (Chocolate + Hazelnuts)

Crêpes au miel (Honey)

Crêpes glace à la fraise (strawberry)

Crêpes glace à l’ananas (pineapple)

Crêpes glace à la mangue (mango)

So please choose one savoury and up to 3 sweet

I need to have your order by 1 pm because I will go shopping to get the Gü and the smoked salmon. Send your order by WhatsApp or by text.

If you are vegan or allergic to gluten there will always be some nuts available

If you just don’t like pancakes, you can have an egg and cheese sandwich – the bread will be sourdough bread made with malthouse flour. However, I need to know at 1 pm because I have to bake the bread.

Did I say that the ice cream will be homemade 5 minutes before you eat them? There is, of course, no extra charge for the food.