The pace of modern life puts a strain on our sleep, yet though, good night sleep is essential for us to function adequately during the day.
According to the NHS, a third of Britons will have episodes of insomnia at some point.

Quantity and Quality of Sleep

The Concept of Quantity of Sleep

Quantity is related to the amount of sleep. It is the answer to the question:” how long do you sleep.”

The Concept of Quality of Sleep

Quality is related to the depth of sleep. When someone answers: “I slept like a log,” it is a qualitative expression of the depth of the sleep. The Concept of Quality of Sleep

Quantity and quality matter when it comes to evaluating sleep. Moreover when there is a disturbance in the beginning, middle or end of the night, Chinese medicine says that it is a crucial clue.
Chinese Medicine postulates that the cause of sleep disturbances is a set of unbalances and, correcting them will restore harmonious sleep patterns.

In fact, Chinese Medicine even has special provisions for sleep disturbances due to jet lag, stress and shift work.