Colds & Flu

The season for cold and flu is finishing or is it? Around 220 AD, a famous doctor wrote a treatise on cold diseases 傷寒論 (Shang Han Lun). Believe me or not, the formula that are discussed there are still used today to treat cold diseases in Chinese Hospitals. Doctors in these hospitals used them as inspiration to create formulas to fight new diseases such as SARS and the new coronavirus.

There will soon be a treatment approved by the MHRA for nCovid-19. So it is recommended that you follow the advice given on your respective government website.

In the meantime, Chinese Medicine believes that it is important to protect and enhance our immune system.

Even before graduating from herbal medicine school, I already had the chance to treat a whole family suffering from flu (wind-cold invasion, according to Chinese medicine). The age range was between 7 to 45 years old.