Men’s Health

When I was studying Obstetrics and Gynaecology in acupuncture school twelve years ago, our teacher showed us an illustration comparing Women’s Health and Men’s Health. She concluded that Andrology was far less complicated than Gynaecology.

Most of my peers did not show enough interest in Andrology (Men’s Health). However, I had the occasional young twenty-something complaining about erectile dysfunction and seeking treatment for it.
Then, in my mid-fifties the to early sixties most men I knew started complaining about BPH, passing water and erectile dysfunctions etc… Sometimes, simple adjustments in food and lifestyle were enough to solve issues such as erectile dysfunction or nocturia. Other times herbal medicine or acupuncture were able to help.

Chinese Medicine has a skilful way to deal with these predicaments, which are most of the time linked with ageing. Although each case is unique and treated as such.